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"Be Still" 
Yolanda Adams
From the CD, Becoming (Available May 3, 2011)
After almost four years, Yolanda Adams is blessing us again with new music like only she can deliver. Adams' eleventh studio album, Becoming, is scheduled to drop May 3rd (exclusively at Walmart), and her single, "Be Still," is already growing on old and new fans alike.

Perhaps it seems paradoxical that Adams' current single is "Be Still."  With a rigorous performance schedule, a highly successful morning show, and the release of her first book, Points of Power, the multi award-winning songstress appears to have been everything but still during her recording hiatus. 

The lyrics, however, don't refer to life's business as much as life's busyness.  Expressed in tandem with Adams' characteristically flawless vocals is the loving appeal from Father to child to "sit in silence and to find out I've always been right here, waiting on you to come near me....Be still and know, just be still and know I will never leave your side."

"Be Still" is available at www.yolandaadamslive.com.

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