» » » » » Lee Williams takes concert detour to visit shut-in fan

Gloryland Gospel Blog shared this moving story from Daytona Times.  God bless Lee Williams of the Spiritual QC's and James Parks of the Golden Wings Quartet.  Ministry is purposed to extend beyond church walls.

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  1. I just met Lee Williams on youtube this year and he have blown me away. I listens to Lee Williams and The Williams brothers every day. Their music helps me through hard times, thank you all so much, to God I give the glory.

  2. I Met Lee Williams on YOUTUBE this year and his music have blown me away. I love Lee Williams and The Williams brothers music, it help me through hard days, God bless you all while spreading God"s word, love and joy.

  3. Mr.Lee Williams- Mr.Harvey Lee Watkins jr.- The Williams Brother and many more gives me a sense of being and feeling something different.-----Heaven

  4. How is Mr. Lee Williams? Hopefully he is doing good and still are doing some of the things that he enjoy in life.God Bless Him!

  5. Happy Holidays Mr. Williams (God Bless you)


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