» » » » » » » » The Anointed Caravans: Giving God the Glory!

Photo by Libra Boyd
The Anointed Caravans serenade a near-capacity audience Sunday evening at Kirby Civic Auditorium.  Pictured (front to rear) are vocalists Courtni Croom, Indiya Pettiford, Devin Paylor, and Nila Allen.

Say "The Famous Caravans" in a gospel music context and one likely thinks of names like Walker and Caesar and songs like "Sweeping Through the City."  The old school.

Say "The Anointed Caravans" and toggle to a new generation of traditional gospel singers that, age-wise, ranges from preteen Indiya Pettiford--first place winner in Apollo Theater's "Stars of Tomorrow" Amateur Night--to charismatic college man Devin Paylor.  Be on lookout for this new school of young singers on the gospel scene, giving God the glory!

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  1. they are truely blessed and anointed in ministry!

  2. thank you all this is nila allen speaken thank thank you thank you god really helped us through this it if wont for him we would have never don this

  3. they need to keep singing


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