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"I Still Have A Praise Inside of Me"
Georgia Mass Choir (2012)
Savoy Records
Available on iTunes

Rev. Milton Biggham and the Georgia Mass Choir are mainstays in traditional choir music.  Whether shooting movie scenes (The Preacher's Wife), appearing at athletic events (the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta) or being featured on their own recorded DVDs and CDs, their sound appeals to both church and mainstream.  In fact, the opening lines of Georgia Mass Choir's slow and introspective current single "I Still Have A Praise Inside of Me," lyrically channel Kirk Franklin and God's Property's "More Than I Can Bear."  After having reflected on the hardest of life's trials--fires, floods, brokenness, and the like--the choir's resounding refrain, led by Rev. Biggham and Victor Broughton, is the triumphant "but I still have a praise inside of me!"

Georgia Mass Choir's single is a timely message of resilience in the midst of trying times.

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