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"He Rescued Me"
Tim Woodson and the Heirs of Harmony
From the upcoming CD, Live in Newport News - Millionaire (2013)
Peacock Music Group

Tim Woodson and the Heirs of Harmony take it back to the old school with their new toe-tapper, "He Rescued Me," from the forthcoming CD, Live in Newport News - Millionaire. Woodson is a former member of The Mighty Clouds of Joy.

The Grand Rapids group's presentation brings to mind a few of their likely quartet influences. Woodson's styling during the opening lines, for instance, hints at The Sensational Nightingales' Horace "Sug" Thompson while the rafter-rattling background falsetto harmonies channel the Fantastic Violinaires. When you add in the rallies for audience participation, "He Rescued Me" is like trotting down memory lane with Tim Woodson and the Heirs of Harmony on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

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  1. MAY God Continue to Bless You Tim Woodson & The Heirs of Harmony What a fantastic sound , The Gospel Diva WGII Love It Get It In And keep the Praise In Diva Blessings LasVegas Radio WGII Blessings


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