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"Never Let Go"
Shabach Ministering Team
From the CD, So Amazing (2012)
Available at CD Baby

Rosana Goodloe and Montra Roberts aka Shabach Ministering Team allow us to listen in on their conversation with the Master in "Never Let Go."

"In my darkness, You have proven to be strong / And in my storms, Lord, You've never left me alone....Now I know that I can still be strong / and I can still hold on..."

Shabach Ministering Team has been helping to set atmospheres for worship for more than a decade.  Written by Jarrell Goodloe and produced by Trey Corley, "Never Let Go" is from their CD, So Amazing.

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  1. God is so Amazing. Thank God for what HE has allowed SHABACH MINISTERING TEAM to do in their ministry. Yes, their goal is to Minister encouragement to the body of Christ and to all who are going through difficult times. Congratulations SHABACH MINISTERING TEAM.


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