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The Golden Wings Quartet
From the CD, Redeemed - Live in Richmond, VA (2013)
4 Winds Records

The Golden Wings Quartet's new stomper "Redeemed" is the kind of song that makes Tupelo synonymous with downhome quartet music these days.

Written by guitar beast Alton Hollis, the song takes its place among others that affirm the oft told conversion story: "I've been saved / I've been sanctified / I feel alright / I've been redeemed!"

The Golden Wings Quartet was formed in 1970, and has traveled extensively spreading the gospel message.

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  1. I've Been Redeemed has really been a blessing to me. I received my DVD an CD on sat., an I have played them in the home, work, an car. I pray God's blessing on on Golden Wings lives. The words,the music, "AWSOME". Please don't stop praising God.

    Toledo, Ohio

  2. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!
    Enjoyed your new recording. You are blessed to be a blessing to so many people. Keep spreading the Word threw song.
    Brenda Lee


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