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"He'll Fix It"
Apostle James Alston and Fellowship
From the CD, The Movement (2013)
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"He'll Fix It" has several of the ingredients expected in a down-home quartet drive: bass and drums in the pocket, screams, shouts, intense throaty lead vocals, and tag-team exchanges in the vamp.  Apostle James Alston goes to work early in the number before "feel[ing] this thing in [his] sanctified soul]" and letting out a screeching yelp.

Lead guitar kicks off the foot-stomper, followed by Apostle Alston and Fellowship who charge off full speed ahead: "My God will fix it for you / Runnin' out of money--He'll fix that too / Doctors quit on you and walked away / My God will fix it for you." Javon Johnson trades lines with Apostle Alston in the vamp.

A native of Henderson, NC, Apostle Alston and Fellowship are presently based in Portsmouth, VA.

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