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"The King"
Drew Chambers ft. Armar'rae Hill & True Foundation (2014)
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Nearly as fast as BET Sunday Best 7 axed him (July 20) after a pristine performance of Smokie Norful's "I Need You Now," Drew Chambers released a single for his already-huge following (peep his Facebook page), and his newly acquired fans.

"The King," which features Armar'rae Hill and True Foundation, is equally friendly to radio and worship team playlists.  Drew's eclectic blend of worship and soul intensifies the reverent tune and is an impeccable complement to the vocals of Hill and his team of talented singers.

Drew is a native of Hickory, NC (of which I'm familiar, because I'm also a North Carolinian), and is definitely one to watch.  You can do just that at drewchambersonline.com.

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