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By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Just weeks following SRT Entertainment's announcement that it has signed Luther Barnes to an exclusive recording agreement, the entertainment company now announces the signing of two-time Stellar winner, Maurette Brown Clark, affectionately known to many as the "Princess of Praise and Worship."

Maurette is not a newcomer to the gospel music industry.  Whether she is performing with Richard Smallwood and Vision or on her own, the singer, songwriter, musician, producer, wife, and mother is committed to spreading a message of faith and uplift.

In a press release, Maurette commented, "I am very excited and optimistic about this next move in my musical journey. To be working with D.A. Johnson again is a joy and I look forward to what God has for SRT Entertainment and my ministry. #forward"

Maurette's hits include "Breaking of Day" and "Just Wanna Praise You," and in recent years, she has enjoyed chart success with her singles "I Hear the Sound (of Victory)," "One God," and "It Ain't Over (Until God Says It's Over)."

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