The Anointed Caravans: Giving God the Glory!

Photo by Libra Boyd
The Anointed Caravans serenade a near-capacity audience Sunday evening at Kirby Civic Auditorium.  Pictured (front to rear) are vocalists Courtni Croom, Indiya Pettiford, Devin Paylor, and Nila Allen.

Say "The Famous Caravans" in a gospel music context and one likely thinks of names like Walker and Caesar and songs like "Sweeping Through the City."  The old school.

Say "The Anointed Caravans" and toggle to a new generation of traditional gospel singers that, age-wise, ranges from preteen Indiya Pettiford--first place winner in Apollo Theater's "Stars of Tomorrow" Amateur Night--to charismatic college man Devin Paylor.  Be on lookout for this new school of young singers on the gospel scene, giving God the glory!
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